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Some people's acne may never go away...
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Published: 13 years ago

Some people's acne may never go away...


I am a very unique person.

I am a 28 year old male with very bad skin. I have tremendously DRY skin all over my body but especially my face. My face is always flaking and scaling (even in the midst of the mid-summer humidity).

My face, shoulders, back and chest are also terribly broken out with various sized pustules. My face is, once again, the worst.

I have done all of the cleanses and flushes (too many times to count), I eat an amazing diet, take hemp/evening primrose oil, etc etc.

I feel that these eruptions and the dry skin are all related. I cannot beat this.

I have tried to constantly beat this for 10 years and nothing has helped.

I have written in other forums and I always just end up gettin insulted for complaining and whining (isn't that supportive!).

Everybody accuses me of not following the protocols or doing them enough times. I assure you, I have cleansed and flushed so many times.

Is it possible that this skin problem will never go away. After 10 years without getting this condition to budge, I have to ponder that possibility.

I think some people (myslef included) may never have clear skin. Everybody on curezone gets mad at me when they hear this, but I have tried everything. At least everything that I have ever read about on curezone.

I have spent untold thousands of dollars on supplements over the years. I have fasted, flushed, cleansed my organs.

Meanwhile these pustules continue to scar my face- they cause deep holes and trench-like scars that run down my cheeks. Needless to say, I have less than zero self confidence.

I have quit my job and moved in with my parents because of how I look. Others on curezone tell me that I have let this condition beat me and thus, it will never be healed.

I have to tell you, I imagine it is a lot easier going about your everyday business with back pain or stomach cramps or headaches (not to belittle's anyones pain) than having an extemely visible infection that ravages one's face.

I would be able to make it through with any other problem, but not this one. This one has drained me of everything. I know all of this may elicit some insults from some people, but that is fine. I am not complaining...I am venting.

To try and heal yourself of a terrible acne/pustular dermatitis/ Seborrheic Dermatitis condition for 10 years and not get anywhere is terribly frustrating. Unless anyone has been in the exact same condition, then they cannot judge how I feel or what I am going through.

I have been very suicidal about this. Those feelings come and go. Obviously they worsen when my skin condition is aggravated and becomes even worse.

Why will nothing work for me?

Am I destined go throghout the rest of my life with terrible skin?

I will have to deal with the scarring for the rest of my life as it is.

A brief list of things I am doing or have done:

-organic diet (mostly fruits and vegetables) about 80% raw
-liverflushing (every two weeks)
-colon cleansing (every month)
-deep tissue cleanse (heavy duty Colon Cleanse with various herbs)
-iodine supplentation
-oil pulling (currently...I use sesame with a drop of oregano oil and pull for 15 minutes a day)
-organic, fresh wheatgrass juice ( i bought a juicer and I buy tracts of organic wheat grass from a farm near me. I have been doing this off and on for over a year)
-green drinks ( I try to have at least one tall glass a day...I use Dr. Schultze's green drink and I add extra spirulina and chlorella.
-omega oils (I take hemp and evening primrose)
-pure water (I drink at least 2 quarts of pure, filtered well water daily. This water is free of all chemicals and toxins such as chlorine and flouride.)

I could go on and on.

I hope someone can help me.

My skin is simutaneously terrribly oily and terribly dry. It scales and flakes off yet it is practically dripping with oil at the same time.


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