From Poverty to Riches
by ren

Money Monday   3 y  
squaring up finances, checking bank accounts,etc. on Mondays
Got a bill for physical therapy for $900. I don’t think they included my hospital discount lol...I’m educating myself this am. Adulting is hard. Get me out of this MATRIX lol Went through a small mail pile...I have a mail box, literally a box with mail in it. I opened up bills,etc. found someone from last year. 2020 was a busy, chaotic year for me. A video on health insurance (in America).   visit the page

Financial Dark Night of the Soul   6 y  
my morning nutter about money... it's EPIC
I am in a financial dark night of the soul...a place where I see how I am controlled by money and banks. For the first time in a while, I am facing overdraft charges which I hate LOL The looming prospects of owing money has infiltrated my morning routine. I also realize I’m still in a matrix sort to why should I get depressed, be sad, and have my mind manipulated because of a number on a screen. Oddly enough, this is why I’m slowly ditching things like my fitbit account. I don’t care about other people’s steps LOL and ever since I read about people cheating, I don’t care. ...   read more

Getting Out of the College Matrix   6 y  
a few quick financial notes...I'm dying of heat from my bike ride! lol
I am not returning to school this semester. I just can’t do it all good conscience. I have more debt than what I make in a year with overtime. Slavery ended in the US years ago. But we voluntarily put ourselves into indentured servitude with credit cards and student loans...NO MORE! Got one of my credit cards under a $1,000 and picked up some overtime this weekend to put towards my debt snowball. I will demolish my credit card balance in a few short weeks! Manifesting some money to go see my guru in California and that is all I care to spend money on right now.   visit the page

My Abraham Hicks Game Sheet   6 y  
CASH ONLY... full steam ahead!!!
It was sobering to lay out my financial attachments on paper. I was happy to do it and be honest with myself. I decided to not use student loans to go back to school. I am going to pay cash for each class. Each class will cost me $1617!!!!!! Now tell me something...will a class in social psychology teach me anything I don’t know already? LOL...goodness... I would pay four installments for the plan. 1617/4= 404.25 plus fees...if I go back, I need to think HARD on each class and what are motivations and most importantly... What is my highest spiritual joy? Will this impact my spirit ...   read more

Going Back to School...My Student Loans   6 y  
Financial freedom now or more debt indentured servitude to Fed Loan lol
I took a look at my student loans last night as I paid part of my overdue bill. I owe $39,000. If I total up all of my debt, I am upside down in terms of my salary as a nurse. It was a bit of a buzzkill to realize this but there it is. I was considering going back to school using my student loans but let’s think about this. If I had to part with precious cash right now for what I want to take, could I do it? I have to take some general education credits still. Do I want to pay HUNDREDS for a poetry class???? To be continued...   visit the page

A Financial Victim No More!   6 y  
When the "American dream" is a nightmare and you've had enough of credit, student loans,etc. lol
The most important step before I begin my financial freedom journey is to shed the victimhood mentality. Excuses be gone! was a very good book and last night I embraced that and this morning, I’m conquering the beast of procrastination and digital amnesia. I am ressurecting this blog as a daily diary for myself to record my financial conquests, vanquishing debt while living my highest spiritual calling and finding joy. Today I paid some money to Nordic Track. I have a whole tea sipping story about that! I will save that juicy morsel for tomorrow because I have work at 11am today. We’ ...   read more

Total Money Makeover Dave Ramsey   13 y  
starting the baby steps...step 1: $1000 emergency fund I’m starting the baby steps with my next paychecks. I made a big OOPS in my taxes last year and I owe $2000 this year. I’m in a savings club with my mom called a sou-sou Read about it here AND I don’t know the Russian word for it but back in New York City, I remember my mother tellin ...   read more


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