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September 20, 2019 -

“As prescribed by St. John in his reference to the New Jerusalem and by Hermes Trismegistus in his formula: ‘What is below must be like what is above’, we are invited to improve, evolve, and reach perfection. We must not be separated from below (matter) or on high (spirit) but take care of both to make the miracle of our true nature happen.”[5]

October 3, 2019 - More Omraam -

"... according to Cabbalah, each letter of the Hebrew alphabet relates to a geometric form that exists in nature."[6]


This quote immediately above of Omraam sparked inspiration to seek out this relationship between "each letter of the Hebrew alphabet" and "a geometric form that exists in nature." Discovered "Spiritual Meanings of the Hebrew Alphabet Letters"[7] however the search will have to continue as the "Spiritual Meanings" didn't really include the geometric forms that exists in nature.

Found the following that points to "forms in nature" and especially from a metaphysical perspective:

"... there are traditional teachings in the Arabic and in the Hebrew traditions that their letters come from flame or fire. This flame appears, as we will describe in a little while, to generate these letters. If we look at it with a little more detail, we will find this

self-referential effect. You know where self-reference is most obvious? It's in a very common place. It's when we talk about life profligating: chicken and egg; chicken and egg; chicken and egg. Acorn and oak tree; acorn and oak tree. The introduction to one of the most famous Kabbalistic works called the Sephir Zohar -- The Book of Splendor quotes from Genesis and it says, 'Fruit tree yielding fruit whose seed is in itself.' Now, if we take the fruit of the fruit tree, which is after all in the form of the torus, and if you slice through a fruit like a apple, you will find that it's dimpled in at the stem and the flower end, and in the middle there are seeds, and that outside there are these two cross sections which are sort of elliptical. It's as if you had a sphere that was dimpled in to make a doughnut out of it. Now, if you were to spiral up from the seeds around the stem and come up out over the volume of the fruit, you could literally map the life cycle of the apple tree-- the fruit tree onto the fruit extending from its seed up around its stem and out into its fullness. That self embedding putting a pack of seeds inside the volume of a fruit is something we know from physics immediately because we know if we want to make a hypercube, we put a little cube inside of a big cube.

If we want to make a hypersphere, we could put a little sphere inside of a big sphere. Well, that's what a fruit is. A fruit has its seeds in the middle. It's a cluster, a little sphere in a bigger sphere. And if we were to allow the fruit to grow, the seeds in the middle would themselves grow into a fruit tree with new fruit hanging on it. So if we put both ends of the process with the innermost inside the seeds with the outside of the fruit together and expand them with the fruit tree, we have this complete self-referential model and it's a hyperdimensional model. If anyone ever asks you to show them a hypersphere-- a four-dimensional sphere, just pick-up a fruit and say that's a hypersphere because it goes in itself from seed to its fullness.


JM: So what you've got your hands on here is some kind of a archetypical process, a archetypical process of universal unfolding that is, one might say, the inner message of the Book of Genesis, which is the book of the creation of the universe.

ST: Well, it's part of that message. We are after all only looking at the beginning of the text. This is the tip of the iceberg. But like all true beginnings it contains within it the key that opens the rest. In fact, there are many sages that are quoted as saying that the secret of creation is in the first letter of that text. But if you can't figure it out from the first letter, God in its infinite mercy in the religious metaphor says, 'I'm going to repeat it for you in the first word.' If you don't get it from the first word, it's repeated again in greater detail in the first verse, in the first paragraph in the first chapter. There is a description in the literature of the text of Genesis as a hierarchical array with each chunk you take being just like a bigger chunk. The bigger chunk has more details. It's a very holographic idea very self embedded, very fractile like a very modern idea. Well, what we found is that this model of a fruit tree yielding fruit whose seed is in itself is the description of some very general projective process. If you want to take any seed in any whole system and project it into its fruition, that process mathematically can be modeled in the same way whether your looking at the projection of space and time from space time, in formal mathematics, in formal physics or if you are simply looking at obvious botany of life cycle of the fruit tree.

JM: Now lets come to your specific discovery.

ST: Well, we've been dancing around. What we have found is that if one makes the minimal, most elegant representation of the first verse of Genesis, you get a little geometric shape, a kind of geometric universal constant-- a representation of a general projective principle if you will. That form, when you look at from different directions, displays the Hebrews letters. A very closely related form displays the Arabic letters. And in a form that looks a little more like a discus than the one we're going to show displays the Greek letters. In other words, what we're saying is that all of these letters of the sacred alphabets of the Western world are shadows of essentially the same model of this general projective principle. Which, if I can let the cat out of the bag, is embodied in human beings by the means by which we project our conscious will into the physical universe. You see, let me go back to the beginning, if our conjuncture is true, if the sequence of letters of Genesis is like Arthur Murray dance steps, then it is necessary in order to do the dance to recognize what direction, what step, each letter is. We now find that the letters are all just different perspectives of the same form."[8]*

May 22, 2015 -

Fifty-one days ago (on All Fool's Day) I published at Scribd to have access to materials at scribd on Omraam-Mikhael-Aivanhov. The following is a quote from his work: The High Ideal:

"... look at where you stand, what you hope for and desire more than anything, how you envisage things and then begin the work of inner pregeneration. Decide to form this High Ideal within yourself and maintain it no matter what. ..."[1]

I wish to encourage you to "decide to form (your) High Ideal within yourself". Doing so will bring a new order into your life. In the June 17, 2015 entry (following my next Omraam quote) are additional insights with the I Ching that can add additional insight for your decision to form your High Ideal.

The following is from additional teachings of Omraam and included in my High Ideal:

"… Make no mistake, you are all divinities. Yes, divinities. You belong to a high place in which no limitations, no darkness, no suffering or sorrow, no discouragement exist, where you are sur-rounded by plenitude.

Here on earth you are not surrounded by plenitude because you have not been able to live and manifest life on earth as it is above: the personality prevents you! Obtuse as it is, ill-adapted as it is, ill-tuned as a radio that cannot pick up the essential broadcasting stations, the personality still can keep you from receiving the waves and currents from the higher regions.

The divine currents sent out by Cosmic Intelligence are so short and rapid and the matter of the personality so dense and heavy that you cannot possibly vibrate intensely enough or rapidly enough to hear them, they slip by without leaving a trace of what you actually experience in the higher regions of your being.

There is a way to improve the situation: by deciding to obey Nature and lead a pure life. If you want more than anything to become a child of God, then your heart will become more generous, your mind more enlightened, your will stronger and more determined; your personality will be only the instrument that expresses the sublime life of the individuality… to the extent of becoming united with it… and then there will be no more personality, the personality and the individuality will be one complete and perfect entity.

The life of human beings is a continual alternation between light and darkness until the day finally comes when they become, they live the Spirit. That is, they are born again, into a new Life."[2]

June 17, 2015 -

I believe that we all know this on a deep level: We incarnate into the body that is prepared for us in our mother's womb and when the body is ready we are born into the world although we are not really of the world. The world is like a 3D dream that we begin exploring until we are told that we have to go to school and later that we have to go to work.

Then there's the conditioning that we experience (from the moment we are born till the day we free ourselves) that may vary with each individual in both its severity and to the extent that it either includes or excludes a truly spiritual perspective. ("Spiritual perspective" here means the acknowledgement that you are a spiritual being having a human experience.) However all conditioning is a process that domesticates our authentic self even before we have the awareness of what our authentic self is. Consequently we are raised into the coerced belief that we have to "play" the 3D world game by the world's rules and in a sense "authentic self be damed". Well cancel that!

Then there is our "genetic imperative".[3]

I did a search on "genetic imperative"+"gene keys" and found about four results. The first one I looked at was a translation of the I Ching.:

I found the following most insightful as a student of the I Ching that is an essential component within both the Human Design System and the Gene Keys.

"... if one intends to understand the I Ching one should first understand Qian and Kun; then the gate of I opens for understanding the rest of the gua."[4]

Gua is the Chinese term for hexagram.
Qian is "Initiating" - the first hexagram, and Kun is "Responding" - the second hexagram.

The first hexagram:

"The way of Initiating is change and transformation ...
So that each being obtains its true nature and destiny ...
And the union of great harmony is preserved.
This is what is favorable and upright."

I felt especially compelled to quote: "that each being obtains its true nature and destiny" as I regard this "way" as the quintessence of my professional support services to individuals.



Originally posted at my (High Ideal) Cheeta blog:

[2]Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov -
Izvor Book 213, Man’s two Natures:

[3] See Gene Keys - The 30th Shadow - Desire:


[5] Omraam Mikael Aivanhov, Daily Meditaions, France, Prosveta S.A., 2011, p. 95, March 29, 2019 as quoted in: "What The Future Humanity Could Be!" By: The Aquarian Team.





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