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Re: Thanks #17178!
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Thanks #17178!

Sorry, I was on the phone when you posted.

I do not really understand your question.  But, I will try to answer it.   

He offered to pay me 10%.  In a month or two, he changed that and said I could not make any money on massage or sedation because he didn't make any money off those two things.   (A while back I found out he lied about the sedation, telling me that he got no money from it, that it all went to the anesthesiologist.  I confronted him with this and he got upset and said, "Well, you can try to work something out with the anesthesiologist, but I don't think she will do it.").    For every six hours of anesthesia, I should have gotten $60, and that adds up to a lot over the years.  When I said he owes me over $30,000, I did not even include that. 

After a year and a half, he called me into the office and told me I was getting way too much money and he cut me to less than half of what I made.  It was at that point that things got very bad between us.  I was very upset.  But, I kept up appearances for patients and bit my lip for a long time.  He began paying me less, then not at all.  Months would pass sometimes without money.  There were times I only sent people who begged me to go because they were sick, because I was so unappreciated.  He would tell me things like he didn't need me, never needed me, he's been a dentist for 30 yrs, can make it on his own, all that type of baloney.  If I quit or wouldn't send any patients, he was calling me and asking me to.  I had spent so much time creating my website, that I felt trapped, like all that work would have been for nothing had I not continued.  He wasn't mean to patients, just to me.  Things just never got better, I tried everything.  Eventually, he kicked me out of the office entirely, but told me to still send patients. 

I was in the office doing some receptionist work  and one day a patient paid $8,000.  Immediately, he called me to the side and said, "Do you see that money, I don't get any of that money, there's a leak somewhere and someone is stealing it."  The next day, twice I took in large sums of money, these were all patients I sent, and he said the same thing about the money, that he doesn't get any of it.  So, later I concluded that was his way of not paying me.  BUT, stupid me felt bad for him that someone would steal his money and asked him details, but he didn't want to talk about it.  The very next day, he called me in and said I was no longer allowed in the office.  He said his ex-wife (the massage therapist) had contacted a psychic to see who sent a naked picture to her of two people having sex and signed my name to it, and that the Psychic had said it was me.  His ex-girlfriend later admitted to doing this, but the ex-wife believed the Psychic.  He said she wanted me out of the office and I was never allowed back.  But he said if I could just do him that favor and still send the patients.  I believe he did that in order for me not to see the amount of money I brought in. 

Things just continued to go downhill from there.  I could no longer keep track of the patients and what they paid, not that I was paid properly anyway, but after that, I was paid even less and not with any kind of accuracy.  In fact, when he had cut me to less than helf, it wasn't clear cut, it was you can't get paid for lab work and you can't get paid for a second visit by people and you can't get paid if anyone refers their friends, family or spouses, etc....  It was a mess and he put the receptionist (who was his girlfriend's daughter) in charge of what I was to be paid.  I was all of the sudden a subordinate to her, I felt.  It was awful and I just continue to lose my spirit and continued to hardly get anything.  I would tell him I felt like a dog he had tied up out back and he didn't care.  Well, there is more, but basically, I made pretty good money for the first year and a half.  3 1/2 years ago, haven't received much.  I don't know if I answered the question the way you were intending, so if I didn't, let me know what you want to know. 


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