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Thundervolt Zapper truth and facts
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Published: 4 years ago
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Thundervolt Zapper truth and facts

Dear jaguar57;
You have attacked my product as being a scam and destructively saying my statements are lies. I offer a forceful defense.

#1 The Thundervolt zapper is nothing like a Clark zapper. Clark only had one energy output; we have two. We have a mixture of energies and frequencies that sandwich pathogens between dual forces. Clark units had no footpads; we do. And we have a Body Tester. Clark did not. Clark zappers were so successful that today they still have a reputation; if she were a fraud and scam or untruthful she would not still be popular today.

#2 The body does use antioxidants (substances that donate electrons) to fight pathogens and disease, but that only goes so far. The diseases Ebola, AIDS, and cancer are three conditions where the body is overwhelmed by free radical attack and cannot get enough antioxidants to mount a defense. Zapping introduces trillions of electrons into a human system; much more than even mega-dosing on supplements could ever do. Oral vitamin C and E will not be effective against many viral diseases. In 30 years of practice, Dr. Cathcart used tens of thousands of grams of vitamin C, but not in oral doses. He nearly always used an IVC. In my book, Dr. Klenner did the same, with life-saving results. Klenner cured a woman in a coma with deadly encephalitis in 48 hours and all he gave her was an IVC of 200 grams of vitamin C. One can achieve that level of electron donation when zapping, but not orally.

#3 Thundervolts use square waves, not direct current. The frequencies are too high for the body to accept this energy as DC.

If Thundervolts don't donate electrons to the user, then why does a Body Tester test done before and after record a rise in numbers? The Body Tester documents changes in electrical energy, and this is in watts, the unit of electrical power. If the level of watts in the body rises, there must be an input of electrical charges.

#4 The proof of Body Tester validity is that it is based on two of the most widely accepted laws of electronic physics; Ohm's Law and Watts' Law. No scientific authority will ever challenge those laws.

#5 Breast Cancer and lung cancer are both accelerated by free radicals. Any cancer emits floods of free radicals. If free radical production is nullified, as Dr. Cathcart said, cancer may be attenuated. As for breast milk, this substance has been traditionally pasteurized to eliminate bacteria. If zapping can kill the bacteria before baby drinks it, then the zapping is beneficial.

#6 You say: Everyone who follows in Hulda Clark 's footsteps are pathological liars and scam artists.

Hulda Clark and her zappers remain one of the best known names and products world-wide. If she and her units were false and not effective, her following would have died out long ago. But 24 years later, she is well-known and so are her zappers.

I have many testimonies and case histories in my files about real people who recovered from serious conditions with my products. Some tell me they owe their lives to Thundervolts. When they call me on the phone personally and tell me these things, they are not lies.

#7 You neatly forgot to read the Q&A link on my website about Thundervolt transformers and safety. In addition to the dual-isolation transformer, the circuit is fused. Additionally, the integrated circuits inside a Thundervolt will not stand anywhere near the voltage of wall current. They cannot short out. Their tiny wiring would simply evaporate and prevent any
harmful voltage from ever reaching the user.

You also forgot that my zapper has an EMF Blocker to prevent "dirty power" from reaching the user through the output terminals. We are the only ones in the industry who have this accessory.

For those who still believe that AC powered zappers are dangerous, we offer a 12 volt unit, powered by a customer's
supplied 12 volt battery. No transformer is used.

Oh, by the way, it's a Thundervolt, not a Thunderbolt.

Those are the facts.

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