Juicy Journal - Fasting experience for weight loss
by katiemarie
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Day 2 - Post Fast   15 y  
Easy Does It
I very much enjoyed my foods today. †I had some pinneapple and 1/2 a ruby red grapefruit for breakfast, two small tomatoes for lunch and for dinner I had 2 oz. advocado drizzled with red wine vinegar (OMG..bliss), 1/2 a tomatoe (Iím loving the way tomatoes taste!)†and 1/2 a cup of miso broth. Very satisfying and filling. Iím looking forward to the other half of the grapefruit for dessert.† Iíve had no tummy troubles at all. I couldnít sleep last night - restless for some reason. Itís hot here and I hate the heat. Other than that, all is well. I was also pleasantly surprised that I dropp ...   read more

Day 1 - Post Fast   15 y  
Breaking the fast......
I finally made up my mind to break my fast today at 7:30 p.m. I wasnít hungry and feeling very positive about my experience. A perfect time to break!  I went to Pacific Market and picked up strawberries, pinneapple, watermelon and kiwi.  I laid it out all nice & pretty with toothpicks in  tiny bite sized slices on a festive plate.  I hardly got to eat any of it before feeling full but the pinneapple tasted like heaven on earth, the strawberries like candy and the watermelon so juicy and refreashing. Kiwi must be out of season because it was less than th ...   read more

Day 30!   15 y  
I Rock!
Wow. I feel good! What an accomplishment this is.† When I first started my juice fast my goal was three days at a time (day 3, 5, 7, 10 and so forth). 30 days sounded wonderful to me but I didnít want to set myself up for failure by making my goal so high and then feeling badly, hit the junk food. I think that really helped me persevere - one day at a time mentality. Well, three days at a time. ;) Unfortunately, when we went to the Russian River on Sunday, I started my period and have been in a lot of pain ever since. Not quite as bad today. I didnít even walk yesterday because I felt s ...   read more

Day 28   15 y  
I finally get it
My mind is jumping around today as I wrap this part of my journey up. I woke up and thought of breaking my fast today. Not because Iím hungry. Iím not even slightly hungry. But Wednesday would be the day of eating again (day 31) and that concerns me. I think it would better to break during a weekend so I can see how my body responds to food and I can be nearby a toilet. Iíve read that some people experience the need to immediately†eliminate after they eat solid food.†There is no privacy where I work and wouldnít want any tummy troubles to happen there!† So I might break it next weekend ...   read more

Day 27   15 y  
Party Day!
Just a quick post. I just finished my two day water fast this week: Thursday-Friday. Today I have so much on my plate (so to speak). My girlfriendís new baby is getting baptized and then there will be a huge bash afterwards. Iíll see a lot of old faces and my wonderful sweet friend Kathy will be there. I just love her. Never seen anyone more comitted to God and she does it in a way that doesnít make your skin crawl. No judging. Just supportive, wonderful Kathy. So I canít wait to see her. The fiesta afterwards might be difficult for me. I wonít be tempted by food but the ladies donít kn ...   read more

Day 26   15 y  
Thoughts on Eating to Live & Weigh In Day
Yesterday night I did more research on how to eat healthy after this fast and almost blew my poor little mind! I finally had to push myself away from the computer at midnight.  My eyes & head hurt from the information and the glaring computer screen. There is so much conflicting information out there : Low Calorie, Low Fat, Low Carb, High Carb, Vegan, Vegetarian, Flexertarian, Mediterranean, etc. Ha! And they all have some doctor somewhere that back this information up with tons of medical jargon I was trying to sort through and make sense of.    I kept c ...   read more

Day 25   15 y  
Wow. Only six more days to go...
Yesterday was interesting. I worked all day and then had dinner at my brother & sister-in-lawís house. They had lamb and I had my broth. I have a wonderful supportive family. We all struggle with our weight and never judge anyoneís diet plans. I love that about my family. †I decided not to drink my juice because of the tummy troubles I have been having lately. Throughout the day I was visiting the toilet to eliminate. I also took the advice of Lilly & Gigi to do a chamomile tea enema. Had a lot of trouble holding it in but was able to do so for a few minutes. Woke up this morning and he ...   read more

Day 24   15 y  
Not Feeling So Hot
I still havenít stepped on the scale (points for me!) but I am currently wrestling with a different problem. Feeling naseous. Seems to happen when I drink my juice. Or I am associating the sick feeling with the juice. I know the mind is powerful. I am actually afraid to drink my juice today. I was hesitant yesterday also and so I skipped my usual Garden Tonic (carrot, tomatoe, cucumber, celery, spinach, red pepper, & cabbage)and drank fresh pinneapple juice and two ounces of wheatgrass (I drink that everyday). After I drank the delicious pinneapple juice I felt fine for about 15 min ...   read more

Day 22 & 23   15 y  
Brighten Up, Lighten Up
Itís a picturesque day here in Northern California. Itís about 67 degrees, sunny, breezy, with big billowy clouds of white and dark grey.  I love days like these and feel really blessed to live in such a beautiful area. Iím so glad I feel better today, even though I am still feeling a bit weak. I need to step up my wheatgrass and fresh vegetable juice today. Yesterday our plans to go to the river - our usual Sunday or Monday outing was cancelled when I started throwing up early in the day. What a bummer. It took hours for my tummy to settle. I drank some broth and sipped water ...   read more

Day 21   15 y  
3 Weeks Accomplished
Well, Iím a little tired today so not much to report. Iím glad I got the go ahead to do some water fasts in between my juicing. Thanks Lilly! What a difference that has made weight wise in the last few days! It gives me the encouragement I need to hang in there. However, Iím really going to try to put away that scale and not weigh myself but once or twice a week. This is turning into an unhealthy obsession. Iíd like to write about something else besides the weight. But right now the scale is dictating how I feel on a daily basis and thatís crap! Ha...okay, Iím going to cuddle up with ...   read more

Day 20   15 y  
2/3 into my 30 day juice fast
Feeling very good today.   I told Erik last night that I was going to prepare his favorite dish – Chicken Divine. It’s a curried chicken dish with broccoli and I serve it over mashed potatoes with a lot of butter and cream. He’s very thin so I enjoy making him fattening dishes. I love the smell of curry. I love to cook, even while I’m fasting. It fulfills my desire to be around food. Preparing it, feeling it, smelling it – that’s really most of the experience. Eating it is just the last part. I’m thrilled that Erik is being so supporti ...   read more

Day 19   15 y  
The Boost
So my experiment worked (lost 3.5 lbs) and it also lifted my mood. Iíll have to find a better way to handle the scale freezes though. Maybe just weigh in once or twice a week? (yeah right. weíll see.) The water fast thing isnít for me. Too boring. Although, my tongue felt better and cleaner which was nice. Iím sipping my juice right now. OhhhÖitís good. Maybe I could do a water day once a weekÖ. Iím glad today is Friday. Iím so ready for the weekend of hiking at Crane Creek and swimming at the Russian River. I have to go buy some shorts and a bathing suit though. I donít want to have ...   read more

End of Day 18   15 y  
Up & Down and Round & Round
Well, Iím glad this day is wrapping up. Although, it hasnít been a Bad day. I decided to do a one day water fast because my weight went back up a pound again. I know itís silly but for some reason it has me down. My emotions have been a little wacky lately (my moods along with the scale have been up & down). I want to see this Ē6Ē number fade out within a week and maybe thatís not realistic. However, when I checked out ausjulieís blog I saw that she was stuck around the same time frame as myself and she did a one day water fast to break through. So...weíll see. Itís just so boring. Bet my ...   read more

Day 17   15 y  
Weight Loss
I was excited about seeing the numbers finally drop a bit on the scale and am now back on track with another lb lost. Yea! I was actually thinking of doing a one day water fast to break out of the weight yo yo. However, losing a couple extra pounds, along with my energy just isnít worth it to me. Thatís all the report right now - off to get my lunch of garden tonic and wheatgrass. Yum, Yum. May 14th SW 180 May 30th CW 164.5 -15.5 lbs   visit the page

Day 16   15 y  
Weight Gain
Memorial Day was so much fun. We went to the Russian River with ĒThe HoundĒ and sunned ourselves most of the afternoon. Felt so good. Even the smell of hot dogs and burgers grilling didnít bother me. After most of the people left we went skinny dipping. Well I did because I couldnít fit into my skinny boyfriendís swim trunks. Heís 5í11Ē and 140 lbs! Iíll be happy to fit into some his clothes again. He said heís noticed how much happier and confident I am on this juice fast. Heís been very supportive even though he insists he doesnít care about the weight loss part of it. When I told him la ...   read more

Day 14 & 15   15 y  
Half way there....
Itís very exciting to make it to the half way mark. My tonsils have all cleared up and my lower back no longer aches. The healing crisis is over! Yesterdayís weigh in reflected another 1/2 lb weight loss. However, the half lb came back on the scale this morning! No worries. Last weekend I lost and gained the same lb for almost three days. I think itís the extra physical activity on the weekends. Or possibly my body just gets stubborn and tries to hang on to some abstact number. I want to tell my body..Not to worry. Thereís plenty of fat. Weíre a long way from starving here! ;) Yester ...   read more

End of Day 13-Here's my story   15 y  
End of Day 13-Here's my story
I started this juice fast on May 14th and thought I could use this blog as an on-line journal. I have done juice and water fasts in the past for small periods of time 1-6 days and usually did it as a sort of punishment. However, this time, after I did some extensive research on-line I realized that this is really a wonderful gift to myself. Iíve always had to watch my weight and ate pretty healthy until about 2 years ago. High stress job, relationship ups and down, just life stuff. I fell into emotional eating and then fad dieting (atkins)to counter act the emotional eating. It can be ...   read more

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