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Re: Could these be Gallstones? The Lancet Volume 365, Number 9468 16 April 2005

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Clarkia Tincture
Hulda Clark Parasites Cleansing Tincture, 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz

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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Could these be Gallstones? The Lancet Volume 365, Number 9468 16 April 2005

Five years ago when I started reading curezone it was a premier health related site with members who wanted to pass their knowledge around and help other.
These days it appears we have picked up some new "friends" who are trying to pass off misinformation and downright lies under the guise of experts and friend of the health movement. Many people don't realize that the medical establishments and pharmaceutical companies contract with bloggers to spread dissension. Examples are stephen Barret and Quack watch and apparently now THIS SITE!.They specialize in heatlh double speak. For example " its a pretty safe herb but it could cause cirrosis or "the research looks promising however I wouldn't recommend using product X until double blind studies are performed(which they know will never be performed becuase the substance has no future cash stream for them - it's not patentable.
This article is an attempt to persuade you not to perform one of the absolute most dynamic, healing, and positive procedures there is to heal your body. Your liver performs over 500 functions a day and impacts every single visceral organ in your body!
I urge to people to use common sense which seems to be in short supply these days and don't fall for the corrupted "scientific method" of proof which is a sham.
Some recent facts have come to light which have hit the mainstream news.. Drug companies are in having ghost writers (from their company) write research article endorsing their product ( drug), properly prescribed medications are the fourth leading cause of death, superbugs created in hosptial ( such as MRSA) are the tenth leading cause of death. One in twenty people entering a hosptial will contract a "super infection" while in the hosptitals care. Are these the kind of people you would get your tips on how to be healthy from. If instead of doctors they were investment advisors and they generally causee people to lose all there money then would you listen to them. Has anyone ever been on a medical malpractice court case? They represent roughly 5% of ALL COURT CASES.
Why do people put so much credibility into what a doctor says. According to a physchology class I took the average doctor has an IQ of 125. Professions such as accountants and architects would be comparable and engineers are around 135-140 IQ. So why do we hold these guys in such high regard? Probably because they used to know more about disease than the average educated non-doctor. With the advent of the internet this isn't always true anymore.
There are some factual site which haven't been highjacked yet such as, and although he has some in my view, incorrect info but it isn't intentional like some postings on curezone.
I never post health blogs but this misinformation on Gallstones just makes me furious because so many people could get well using the liver gallbladder flush in conjunction with a parasite cleanse.
Roughly one in six people has ADD and about 40% are slighty to moderately dyslexia so I don't have much hope anyone will read and comprehend this post but if you do you are trully on your way to great health. This isn't the only component obviously but it is a HUGE one!

Good Luck and be careful to evaluate article and see whether they have the ring of truth to them. If someone tells you something doesn't work if they are correct the downside is just wasting a little time and some money. If they are wrong or intentionally lying then you might lose big.

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