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Birthday Poetry   15 y  
Tomorrow is the birthday of my daughter....She is training for a triathelon..she's so cool and very, very, bright. I Love You!
She walks in Grace From her earliest moments Always looking to understand her world and her SELF Smart, Funny, Loving Sometimes Scared Wanting to be Cared for, but fiercely Independent Part of Intelligence but do not worry we are all One You are Interdependent on Us all as We are On you Thank God You can carry Truth Gracefully Find your Joy It is what God Meant for you My Beauty When you are grooved in and Happy, You are Exactly as God created you! It is no accident that you came through me. No one could Love you More . It is Imperfect ...   read more

Marbles   15 y  
Generousity, caring for your fellow man, giving, needs met
Babs Miller was bagging some early potatoes for me. I noticed a small boy,delicate of bone and feature, ragged but clean, hungrily apprising a basket of freshly picked green peas. I paid for my potatoes but was also drawn to the display of fresh green peas. I am a pushover for creamed peas and new potatoes. Pondering the peas, I couldn’t help overhearing the conversation between Mr. Miller and the ragged boy next to me. ”Hello Barry, how are you today?” ”H’lo, Mr. Miller. Fine, thank ya. Jus’ admirin’ them peas . sure look good.” ”They are good, Barry. How’s your Ma?” ”Fine. ...   read more

Rudolf Steiner   15 y  
This Bud's for ME!
In the world things exist and things become, but only what is in the process of becoming is alive; what is already in existence is always dead. What is in existence is the corpse of what was becoming…. What people want today is to attain as quickly as possible a complete and finished view of the world. Much of what comes to expression as inner disturbances and dissatisfaction will be alleviated only when, instead of demanding finished truths, our interest awakens for participation in the coming-into-being of truth. Certainly truths must be clearly defined, but what is expressed in finishe ...   read more

Baby!   15 y  
Baby I AM in and of the Flow- I will be meeting the greatest creative minds this weekend- Great healing presences
There is One It is a Loving Presence a Radiant Power an Infinite Abundance The Whole Universe expresses as this Limitless Energy Every Aspect of who I am part of this Oneness I live and move and have my being in Infinite Suppy. Therefore, I belong I am enough in every situation I am prosperous and whole. There is enough for me As the Infinite Presence dwells within me there is always enough for me As I receive from this indwelling Presence, I give out I am in the flow of the Universe   visit the page

Everything NOW   15 y  
You have everything, and I DO MEAN everything in life you desire-Complete and FULL Satisfaction~ Right Here and Right Now- what is keeping you from your GOOD?
”The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a dream. The oak sleeps in the acorn; the bird waits in the egg; and in the highest vision of the soul a waking angel stirs. Dreams are the seedlings of realities.” James Allen In Today’s Issue What If What You Wanted Was Already Real? What if you knew that within you was a seed... A seed so powerful, so luminous, that it has the capacity to grow not just one tree of creation and joy, but an entire forest... A seed that carries with it the full expression of your Soul - your destiny - your Soul’s ...   read more

Virtue   15 y  
Pliny, the younger circa 62-113~ Gotta wonder who is Pliny the older?
virtue ”A noble spirit will seek the reward of virtue in the consciousness of it, rather than in popular opinion.” -Pliny the Younger (A.D. 62? - 113?) There’s a saying that virtue is its own reward, and it probably came from this quote. As we learn and grow, we understand that we really answer only to ourselves. We can’t please everyone, and we can’t go against what we know in our heart to be right. All we can do is the best we can at any given moment. -Lissa Coffey   visit the page

Demonic Fun?   15 y
Yes, Albert Schweitzer is turning over in his grave....   visit the page

Baruch Spinoza   15 y  
The virtue of you as God, that is an exciting thought this Tuesday morning
virtue ”Virtue is nothing else but action in accordance with the laws of one’s own nature.” -Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677) When we are tuned in and going with the flow, we allow ourselves to be who we really are. There’s no faking it, no play-acting, just instinct and authenticity. Our virtues come shining through because we can’t help it. That’s who we are. -Lissa Coffey   visit the page

Mystery of Golgotha   15 y  
Hmmm, Is Christ already come, and only those who have prepared their sight can "see" him.
The Mystery of Golgotha References: Matthew 27,28; Mark 15, 16; Luke 23, 24; John 19, 20, 21. During the last 2,000 years much has been said about ”the cleansing blood.” The blood of Christ has been extolled from the pulpit as the sovereign remedy for sin; the only means of redemption and salvation. But if the laws of Rebirth and Consequence work in such a way that evolving beings reap as they have sown, and if the evolutionary impulse is constantly bringing humanity higher and higher, ultimately to attain perfection--where then is the need for redemption and salvation? Even i ...   read more

Why Waldorf?   15 y  
Here are some quotes from various educators and Intelligensia at large on the subject of Waldorf Education
WHY WALDORF? I believe that Waldorf Education posses unique educational features that have considerable potential for improving public education in America. The time is well ripe for the public schools to explore the ways in which ideas in Waldorf education might be explored in their own settings. Eliot Eisner, PHD professor of Education and Art, Stanford University, Author Curriculum and Cognition, Educating Artistic Vision. The Waldorf approach is nothing if not purposeful and structured- from the arrangement of the school day to focus on the academic work in the morning wh ...   read more

Ruldolf Steiner   15 y  
Ruldolf Steiner
We shouldn’t ask: ”what does a person need to know or be able to do in order to fit into the existing social order?” Instead we should ask: ”what lives in each human being and what can be developed in him of her?” Only then will it be possble to direct the new qualities of each emerging generation into society. The society will become, what young people as whole human beings, make out of the existing social conditions. The new generation should not just be made to be what present society wants it to become. Rudlof Steiner, addresses and articles 1915-1921, in the ”Threefold So ...   read more

Jean Paul Friedrich Richter   15 y  
virtue ”If self-knowledge is the road to virtue, so is virtue still more the road to self-knowledge.” -Jean Paul Friedrich Richter (1763-1825)   visit the page

Bounty of Being   15 y  
An affirmative Poem that includes every full aspect of abundant prosperity
There is One It is a Loving Presence a Radiant power an Infinite Abundance The Whole Universe espresses as this Limitless Energy Every aspect of who I am is part of this Oneness I live and move and have my being in Infinite Supply Therefore I belong I am enough in every situation I am prosperous and whole There is enough for me As the Infinite Presence dwells within me there is always enough for me As I receive this indwelling Presence, I give out I am the flow of the Universe   visit the page

CA Gov defender of Supplements   15 y  
It stands to reason that those who have the most experience with supplements have the most knowledge of supplements-Our govenor (California) is backing freedom of choice!
By LORNE MANLY Published: July 16, 2005 Arnold Schwarzenegger, the writer, has many voices. In his monthly editorials for the bodybuilding magazines Muscle & Fitness and Flex, Mr. Schwarzenegger is cheerleader-in-chief for the sport. He plays the motivator, scolding layabouts. He serves as personal trainer, offering detailed workout plans. And he is a fierce defender of nutritional supplements, which provide the lion’s share of the magazines’ advertising revenue. Skip to next paragraph Schwarzenegger, Under Fire, Cuts Financial Ties to Magazines (July 16, 2005) Governor Schwa ...   read more

Are U a Leader?   15 y  
Personal development and it's relationship to truth and leadership-A form of sublime alignment
Leaders: Born or Made? Paul Gibbons “To speak ex tempore would have been out of the question for me. I had therefore written down my speech. I stood up to read it, but could not. My vision became blurred and I trembled, though the speech hardly covered a sheet of foolscap. [I had it read for me.] I was ashamed of myself and sad at heart for my incapacity.” Would this unable speaker make it through an assessment centre to find potential leaders? This was MK Gandhi, a man who one day later would become the leader of an entire nation and an entire movement. Gandhi’s own accounts, in ...   read more

Yacht Club Regatta Incident   15 y  
Yes, a bad day a black rock
Front Page News CRIME Yacht Club Regatta Marred By Tragic Undergrilling Of Mahi Mahi NEWPORT, RI—Eighteen people were disappointed and six left badly unsatiated Saturday when guests at the Newport Yacht Club’s annual Harborside Regatta were served mahi mahi that one patron described as ”still a little pink inside.” Above: The Newport Yacht Club’s ”otherwise smashing” annual regatta was ruined by some mahi mahi described by guests as ”a little pink inside.” ”It was most certainly not the best dolphin I’ve ever had,” said shipbuilder J. Bradford Hunt, 51, of the underg ...   read more

States of Health   15 y  
How are you feeling today?
As a collective race consciousness that often experiences the inability to feel relaxation, contentment and gratefulness we grow tired and sick (or sick and tired?) Now I admit preaching is usually not welcome unless one has shown up at their church for that particular purpose...But it is so simple...!!!!! For all the complaint, fear, and illness~ there is a remedy~ the one Jesus spoke of often AND many other Saints and Buddha’s also bespoke the power of the God within us. The God within us has many names in many different religions or spiritual names and practices....use your own ...   read more

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