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Yes & No (& maybe) "yeast food for thought" Re: Red Star Yeast T6635+
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Published: 14 years ago
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Yes & No (& maybe) "yeast food for thought" Re: Red Star Yeast T6635+

>>>remember only yeast labeled 'Red Star Yeast T6635+' is fortified with B12, other types have NO B12. sometimes its labeled as 'vegetarian support' yeast, but it should have the numbers 6635 somewhere on the label. if not it most likely has no B12.<<<

Absolutely true.

>>>i dont really see the difference between using this or taking a B12 supplement however. the yeast only has B12 because it was put in there by humans during the fermentation phase.<<<

Partially/possibly true, but with "food for thought". Yes, it's fortified...BUT saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast also has an entire range of naturally occurring B vitamins *before* it's fortified, including B12. One must do quite a lot of research --outside of anything related to "Red Star" -- on accharomyces cerevisiae yeast as it naturally occurs (or is grown) on beets & molasses to start putting the puzzle pieces together on this *incredibly* convoluted issue...and the data is NOT easy to find!

Synergy and how things work together in the human body.

Theory (one which I/many believe wholeheartedly): Having a synthetic in the presence of a natural (along with the various, all-important 'micro goodies' present in the natural) is different than an isolated synthetic.

Explanation: Take milk in it's raw form - like all naturally occurring foods we have a trinity of minerals, vitamins & enzymes. With milk if you kill the enzymes (pasteurization), when the dead milk is ingested the body has to make the enzymes to properly digest & assimilate the vitamins (D) & minerals (calcium) in milk. It does this --argh-- by taking from our bodies own calcium stores. Hence we have zillions of people exhibiting 'lactose intolerance' that was almost unheard of before pasteurization. Having all of the 'goodies' is necessary to utilize any of the 'goodies'.

In the Red Star yeast, we have most all of the naturally occurring goodies from the natural yeast and the synthetic fortification. The presence of the 'natural' will (should) assist the body to assimilate the synthetics and put them to use.

I've read & researched tons of stories & data on this over the years, because I am ones that also has very noticeable reactions to isolated/synthetic B vitamins. Yet I've never had a reaction with Red Star...I've also coached 3 people with the same issue, and they haven't reacted with the Red Star either.

I'm a LONG way from being an advanced biological chemist, but I know that it doesn't take 'rocket science' to validate this line of thinking (that having a natural occurring substance along with a synthetic isolate helps the body to assimilate & utilize the synthetic).

While it's a long way from 'solid scientific laboratory proof', it makes a heckuvalotta sense to this ole gal.

Blessings -


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