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Re: Chills: understatement!!
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Chills: understatement!!

It is interesting to me that people question NB's character -- her integrity, honesty, and clarity around her daughter. I have admired her for her un-angriness, actually, in this perhaps your convictions are actually your perceptions? To wit, I have a completely different reaction to this passage you lifted from an earlier post of NB's -- it seems to me that she is in a process of examining what was not well about her own experience with childhood in order to make sure the same things don't happen again with her own daughter. Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it, right?

Where there is a lot of drama, chaos, and controversy, the truth rarely resides. NB is not the one who has generated this excitement. My strong assumption is that if she, or I, or any of the other parents here suspected any kind of sexual molestation or harm to their children, we would not come to Curezone for opinions -- I, at least, would share concerns or suspicions with trusted real-life friends. Occam's Razor is a helpful tool here: the simplest explanation is usually the right one. When you take away all of this drama and controversy, and take things at face value, you will get to the essence of NB's orginal post: a question about self-gratification frequency, and a request for other peoples' similar experience.

Instead of that experience, and the hope or peace of mind that might have come from it, she received a lot of thoughts, interpretations, feelings, and opinions. In quite ugly and sick ways. Some people have gotten shriller and sicker over the course of a few posts. And what has happened is merely a combination of what-if's and might-be's and a perception of "facts" that has been increasingly skewed by other peoples' crap -- desires to judge, desires to be heard, desires for authority and prestige here. i.e. completely ego-driven.

One idea which has come to mind throughout reading these posts is "you spot it, you got it" -- I can only see in others what I know in myself. Any judgment I have about someone else is really a self-reflection or fear about my own conduct or behavior. When I say something bad about you, it's really me talking about me. I hope some of you will consider that idea. I mean, when Gilda called No_Biz crazy and in need of a professional, did the rest of you not think, "Gee...who needs the help, here?" I sure did. (Although, my prediction is that therapy would be harmful for someone like Gilda as she would be encouraged to talk about her thoughts, feelings, and opinions even more -- no therapist is going to tell a client the truth: a la "You are selfish, self-seeking, delusional, and fear-driven and it comes out in your interactions with the world around you, which is why you are miserable and take it out on others.")

It is always disturbing on Curezone, and especially around these kids-related forums, to think that a poster's agenda is destruction, rather than support and truth. That bloodthirstiness has been too evident here. Some of you have had no thought whatsoever of anyone besides yourselves. Does it feel that good to be so ugly? (That's a scary thought to consider, isn't it?) My experience at Curezone, though, is also that some people can't abide honesty, truth, vulnerability -- and need to be destructive, mean, and judgmental, and to generate drama and controversy.
Again, nobody gets to Curezone because they are really happy about their health and their lives. But nobody will truly get well here with this sort of behaviour. Either you come here to help people who are suffering, or you really become part of their problem, and hence, do harm.

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