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Herbal Primer -read before taking herbs

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Published: 9 years ago
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Herbal Primer -read before taking herbs

Organic herbs are herbs that are grown on good soils without the use of any chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides etc.

Wildcrafted herbs are herbs that are harvested in the wilds form clean areas such as woods, fields, meadow's marshes etc.

Both organic and wildcrafted herbs are better as they contain 7-20 times more of the healing phytochemicals and phytonutrients that cure and prevent disease; conversely conventional herbs are often used as they are cheaper for manufacturers.

Often purchased from 3rd world countries,they might even use DDT, PCP, human feces to fertilize or be grown near roads where pollutants harm them. also they may be further sprayed (even if organic) when arriving to the us for example.

Tinctures are the most effective way, says Schulze who was one of the greatest healers of this century and was trained by the father of modern herbology, Dr John R Christopher who originated the incurables program that Schulze intensified when in the latter years of his underground clinic he mainly worked with patients with terminal and very serious incurable illnesses which astounding success in them reversing their illnesses.

Dr Christopher's website is run by his heirs at and Dr Schulze's website is where his products can be purchased and where he has a blog herbdocblog that has info on questions and several free online books of his

Capsules are the poorest way to take herbs as in many cases they are rarely absorbed and can be burned in the powdering process.

Tinctures are the best way to take herbs as they are directly absorbed into the bloodstream bypassing digestion, a boon for those with known and unknown digestive issues.

the 2nd best way to take herbs is teas.

There are two kinds of teas..infusions and decoctions

An infusion is used for the soft part of plants like leaves, flowers and soft berries. It is what one traditionally thinks of as a tea made by pouring boiling water over the herbs and steeping. Always use distilled or steam distilled water when making a tea as being empty it absorbs more of the healing phytochemicals from the plant into the water.

To make a decoction, which is used for hard parts of the plants like roots, bark and hard berries, one boils the herbs and distilled water for 15 minutes, then strains.

To help kid's take herbs, one can add honey or other natural sweetener to it. Or add a strong juice a spoon or two over it to mask taste if they will not take it or you can dilute with a little water or chase with juice.

Schulze even used herbal Popsicle by addign some juice to them and freezing or used tea parties. Caution do not give raw or other honey to children under about 18 minths..use maybe real maple syrup or raw agave or other kind of sweetener.

When trying to make your own tinctures, here is how.


read both posts

tinctures have been found to still be good decades later. Dr Schulze said he has personally tasted 100 year old tinctures and found them to be fine, so this can be very cost effective.

I have saved up to 90% making my own tinctures which once you do it, you will see it is very easy to do.

You will need your organic bulk herbs, 80 to 100 proof vodka distilled from grain (the cheapest is ok) as your menstrum, glass jars with lids, cheesecloth or other thin natural cloth to strain through, labels and some tinctures bottles which can be reused from ones yo buy and relabeled or purchased often at health food stores or online,

they look like this;_ylt=A0PDoQyxY.VPKgkAr92JzbkF?p=...

The average tincture dose is 60 drops 3 to 5 times a day is optimal.

60 drops equals 2 dropperfuls. a dropperful is what remains in the eyedropper when you squeeze bulb, insert into tincture, release and withdraw. the eyedropper will look about 1/2 full so one does not have to count drops as this does not have to be super precise drops wise a few one way or the other will not hurt.

think of herbs as strong foods,. They can be mixed. One can separate if possible by 15 minutes. The only time it might be a problems is taking two herbs that have opposite purposes as they might cancel each other out such as taking an emetic herb and an anti-emetic herb at the same time.

Be sure when made they are made they are stored out of light. to do this, one can paint the glass jars on the outside, store in a paper bags, store in dark cupboard or use colored glass such as brown, green or blue glass or white glass.

Always immediately label and put an expiration date about 15 years form the date you strained it, or one can not strain and dip in and strain some out to make a stronger tincture.

When looking for a particular herbs for arthritis, etc such as say yucca type these words into a search engine

organic bulk herbs yucca

One can also add 1 ounce or 4 ounces if needing smaller amounts, Best to purchase cut and sifted c/s over powdered as they do not lose the volatile oils as easily as powdered ones do.

I use a vitamix to mix my tinctures. Y9ou want at least 50 to 755 herbs and 25-50% liquid on tp when the tincture settles or stronger. If you make a tinctures stain and add new herbs and re-tinctures, one can also make a stronger batch.

I like the company mountain rose herb, but there are several places to buy organic or wildcrafted bulk herbs.

Especially for arthritis, one make also make ointments and other external herbs to rub on sore areas as well as taking internally.


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