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Re: I'm sensitive to 100% of the foods and I'm starving myself for 10 months so far.
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: I'm sensitive to 100% of the foods and I'm starving myself for 10 months so far.

Yea I know about the perfect health diet. Not so impressed but if it worked for you then it worked.

400g potatoes + 400g of meat is not a ketogenic diet. I'm not sure if you thought you were in ketosis, but no way no how with that amount of carbs.

It's not surprising you did well on that diet since you were probably starving for carbohydrates.

I still need some info from you if you want me to keep trying, otherwise I just can't guess my way through this.

What was the dose of ala and dmps in those last 2 chelation rounds that set off this nightmare?

Are you tuned in to the difference between raw fats and storebought/cooked fats?

Also have you ever tried ghee? You might be reactive to the small amount of casein in butter.

I suggested previously raw butter and raw coconut fat but you did not respond. It's possible these could make all the difference in the world for you - or not, but worth a try. If your mercury is off the charts and your enzymes are gone then raw foods will be necessary.

What was the source of the mercury?

For the bone broth that bothers you because it's too fatty, what you do is put it in the refrigerator over night. The fat forms a layer on top. In the morning you can remove it very easily in one or two giant pieces. The remainder of the broth will be fat free.

Also I recommend not bone broth but cartilege broth. Bone broth, if it is literally just bones, does not have too many nutrients in it. Cartilege broth is better and will supply a lot of gelatin.

Since you liver is down, and I don't know if your bile ducts are clogged (which is very possible) your best friends now are your kidneys and your skin.

You never answered my questions about whether you actually were sweating during the saunas, so I have no way to know how to respond.

So that brings us to kidneys and you did not answer my questions about what you drink and how much. If you have a natural thirst and can drink 3-4 liters per day then that's fine, otherwise you need to prime the pump with sodium so that you will drink more, so that you can slightly increase your rate of excretion and get more mercury out of you. It's going to be very slow progress but any progress is better than none.

I would look into some different starches, perhaps cassava root or plantain.

Add ginger to your licorice tea. What brand of licorice are you using? The higher quality extracts are thick and dark.

And what about green juices: parsley, spinach, romaine, kale, etc.

If you had no health problems at all and could eat anything you wanted without symptoms what would it be?

For potassium you can try potato peel broth. Any orange or brown fruit/vegetable is high in potassium.

Look up dvjorge's posts on candida. I think he was using nystatin enemas to clear fungal colonies in the colon.

I recommend salt baths for you. Get some good Sea Salt in bulk and dump a giant box into a warm bath.

Which fats are you best tolerating right now?

Have you ever tried triphala?

There is an anyurvedic remedy to neutralize mercury called shilajit but you need to make sure it's a good quality product

You didn't answer when I asked if you had tried any clays like Bentonite or illite.


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