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Re: I'm sensitive to 100% of the foods and I'm starving myself for 10 months so far.
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: I'm sensitive to 100% of the foods and I'm starving myself for 10 months so far.

Yes, of course it is not keto. I mean, I was on keto before it and starving for this reason.

Doses of ALA and DMPS that cause nightmare was 1mg. DMPS - adrenal issues, ALA - candida flare up. For DMPS I'm quite sure it was even below 1 mg, for ALA I'm 90% sure it was 1 mg, if not, something in that range (< 3mg). I will not touch ALA tough. At least till I not get better. It literally ruined my life.

Actually I see you are interested to find a lot of info, thank you for your time and efforts. I think my blog post, tough long, will give all the info you need (takes 15 min to read):

However, since the end of the story on the blog post, there is more which is not posted there. It's when I tried bioset desensitization that made me sensitive to 100% of the foods again and made my candida grow again. I got scalp inflammation, I believe it's candida as it started when my candida was on its worse and was growing from anything. Now it grows less, but my scalp stayed inflammed - as everything else goes chronic in my case.

I'm not familiar with the difference between raw fats and storebought/cooked fats. I feel I do better on cooked than raw food. Raw food makes me feel more clear, but makes my candida grows rougher and makes me feel starved. Cooked food makes me feel more brain fogged (although not always), but I feel more full from it.

I'm taking quite regularly coconut oil for many years. Maybe I have some intervals off from it but in general I take it.

I've tried ghee in the past, 5 years ago when I was WAY less sensitive. Even then, my candida was growing like crazy from it. One of my worst reactions. Same goes for butter. This is one of the most scary substances for me. If have to rate the horrific reactions to things, Sugar is hands down first, then comes wheat and then butter/ghee. Not only it makes my candida grow, but makes me severely depressed. It has thiols and redistributes the mercury.

I suspect I had some mercry from childhood but in general it was 1 can of tuna per day for a year, already after I got severe candida and my detox paths were compromised. So I believe I accumulated hardly in this period.

Your suggestion about the broth makes sense. I may try it.

I have sweated in the sauna to a decent degree. I bought a home FIR (Far-Infrared-Sauna) sauna and was putting it most often to 50 deg C. I was taking potassium, trace minerals and plenty of water when doing it. The last times I tried it I felt so fast malnourished that my internal feeling strongly suggests me to avoid it at any cost. I don't believe it can excrete more than the circulating mercury. Cutler has estimated the exretion rate of 1 hour sauna and it was like a single dose of few mg of ALA.

My kidneys are in very bad shape. This was stated by my practitioner. As my adrenals are very bad, they are connected in chines medicine. Prior detox I must repair and drainage my detox organs.

I'm hyper sensitive to ginger. Also one of my worst ones. It makes me hyperactive and gives me anger outbirsts and insomnia.

Irritability reaction goes to lettuce, I guess also romaine, (I had those regularly in my diet prior the last worsening). I think I'm allergic to parsley. At least I'm allergic to all vegetables which are not organic and are naturally unpeeled.

Kale and spinach are on Cutlers thiol list. They will redistribute the mercury and give me anger, depression, brain fog, bruxism. You can see the full list here:

If you had no health problems at all and could eat anything you wanted without symptoms what would it be? >> Everything. I feel as starved for years (which is true). I'd go outside and eat all day long pizza, soups, cooked meals with veggies and meat, ice cream, cakes, coke, spaghetti, cheese, virtually food on earth you can imagine.

I'm using a local herbal tea with licorice root. I'm ordering also a high quality enzyme formula that contain it - ProSol.

I think I'm fine with potassium if I take 2-3 bananas per day and my potassium salt. I'd avoid nystatin enemas for now, as any invasive treatments by myself. As I said, I've been self treating myself from curezone and AC forum for 5 years and got way worse. I'm sicking to my practitioner for now when it comes to treatment. I'm trying to find an advice if I can decrease my food intolerances , or, best - take some powder substitutes that provide me all nutrients.

Thanks for the salt baths suggestion. I'm moving to the sea soon as I believe sea air and sea water may be beneficial for a lot of things.

Yes, I've tried triphala. Sometimes it works for gut inflammation. I've tried bentonine clay. It made me quite sick and I found out that whatever the brand and quality, it may contain decent amount of heavy metals.

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