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PLEASE Help with Replacement Decision.

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Lugol’s Iodine Free S&H
J.Crow’s® Lugol’s Iodine Solution. Restore lost reserves.

Eliminate Parasites Fast and Easy
One of the most powerful aids in helping the body el...

tobi888 Views: 8,069
Published: 17 years ago

PLEASE Help with Replacement Decision.

I have 8 Amalgam fillings that need to be replaced with "non-toxic" alternatives. 6 normal sized ones on bottom molars, two small ones on upper molars.

I have been doing extensive research for about 4 months and have read the recommended Anyway, to get to the point I need some advice about on the following matters. I simply can't find the answers on my own.

I went to a consultation as they like to call it. Paid money for it. Went fine. Dentist recommends a material called Herculite XRV. Now I have been reading a lot of past posts here and people say I had mercury ones replaced by "the white one" or "metal-free ones" or "resin based ones"...yet every single time no one mentions the brand.

I would like to know what some of the knowledgeable members think about Herculite XRV. THe dentist called it a metal free filling, but I know it is not. Nor is any filling based on my research. There is no such thing, from what I can tell.

When they talk about resin (glass filled resins), they aren't talking about "glass", they are talking about aluminum and most notably BARIUM. It is glass filled the way Amalgam is a "silver" filling.

Herculite XRV is supposed to be among the better ones. This is what it has:
Barium --> A known Toxic Metal.
Aluminum --> a known Toxic Metal.
Titaium --> I think Ti is OK on its own.
and another metal I can't remember now. The barium and aluminum are mixed into a compound called bariumaluminoxide or something like that. I am just going by memory here. The composition is for sure, but I don't know how much metal is there by weight 100% for sure. I have read 60% by weight, but this weight info was from website.

Anyway, I know other composites leak ARSENIC, and I mean 2 to 3 times the amount that the government deems is safe for occupational exposure. Especially some of the glue that is used to bind the "composite" material to the teeth is known to leek mercury.

Porcelains are really Aluminum according to Huggins. So that is a no go. As you guys know, the now infamous neurological studies done at the university of Manitoba show that aluminum increases the toxicity of mercury 50fold (not 50%, but 5,000%, times 50).

I read good things about DiamondCrown...from the [u]MANUFACTURER[/u]. I have not been able to substantiate any of their bold claims. I have not come across ANY, and I mean any studies that they supposedly have done. I have called their office and they refused to provide info about what materials it contains. THIS IS A VERY BAD SIGN!! Take a good look at their website. very unprofessional. Were are their studies? They do not make them available. What do they have to hide. Quite a lot I would imagine. They trash others products, but they aren't filling to disclose any of the ingredients. Let me guess. It has BARIUM - a toxic metal, and other toxic metals. What a surprise. They refuse to provide the quoted tests. And I mean quoted, they certainly did not reference it properly. SO I would like as much input about this material from you guys as possible. I need to choose a filling material. I've been very sick.

On a note. Kerr, the maker of Herculite XRV did provide me with a list of the materials that account for the composition of the materials. Well, at least they don't lie about it, that is something in this day and age.

The Questions. Please Help if you can.

--Can you get DiamondCrown materials in Canada??? My dentist said he can't get them. Very interesting, and yes he is a real biological dentist, and an IAOMT member.

--Does Morals use Air mask?
--Does Morales use water drill?
--Does Morales use vit C iv
--Does Morales take out the fillings suing the sectioning method?
--Does Morales use a rubber a FULL rubber dam?
--What does Morales charge per tooth in a best case scenario. --Molars, healthy tooth otherwise, not to close to nerve, no cracks, crowns or anything like that.

--How would one arrange for accommodations and travel stuff to go to Morales. Sorry, I am student, don't know this type of stuff.

P.S. THANK you for everyone that helps and contributes to this thread.

Also please do not talk about biocompatibility testing. That is mostly a sham. If something is toxic, like lead, arsenic, mercury, aluminum, then is toxic, PERDIO. people aren't any more oar any less "aLLeRgiC" to it. It's just that some people are more sick than others.

If it kills thybroplast cells in a cell culture then that is that. Next! People shouldn't be sent off to gods knows were to pay exorbitant costs to be tested for these materials, but they aren't.

This is just a convenient excuse for those dentists that do care to research the materials to find the safest product, the ones with the best general biocompatibility- the one that kills the least cells in a culture.

Instead they just say, "hey do a test, I don't know were, no we don't do them, yeah they cost $250-$400, I think I know a person...bla bla", and shift responsibility. The tests don't tell you anything anyway, if you have been doing your reading, then you know they show a lot of positive and negative false results, and for obvious reasons. Scratch your skin or probe you with rod. Please....

Do a cell culture study...then you'll know. But unfortunately that goes back to general biocompatibility, which means that the product does not kill cells in a cell culture...and from what I can tell they all do.

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