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Published: 17 years ago
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Unfortunately its not just my father who believes that the only problems i have are mental ones. The same goes for my mother and my sister and every single other person ive talked to for the last 2 years. Excepting two dentists. I got out of the psychiatric hospital in november 02 and i havent spoken a word to my father since. He has done nothing to help me out in any way what-so-ever. His opinion is that as long as i dont accept the treatment that i 'need' (anti-psychotic medication etc.) the situation im in must be of my own choosing.

About the money aspect. Before i got sick i worked for a computer company for four years. I never really 'did' anything per se, but was paid quite well anyhow. Its horrible reading that the money issue is what is keeping some people here from getting their lives back. Im not drowning in money at all, but i do have enough to pay for a treatment and still not work for at least another year while i recover (hopefully). The danish welfare system is quite good. If i run out of money i will get a decent welfare.

About the diet. Yes i guess i meant the anti-candida/alkalinizing/ayurvedic type diet. There are a couple of those foods i will try out.

You asked me how i found out it was MP. At first it felt like a flu that wouldnt go away, but after a few weeks i started doing searches on the net on food intolerance. I read about Irritable Bowel Syndrome and these things, but i thought my symptoms were a bit worse than that. I started thinking about what i had been through in the last 6 months. Trying to think of anything that could have caused this. I had a cat. Tried looking up if it was possible it had 'given' me something i hadnt asked for. I had also tried living as a vegetarian just prior to becoming ill. At first i thought that that might be it, but my blood tests were fine and i had only been a vegetarian for about 2 months. I kept thinking about the root canal i had had done 3-4 months earlier and considered the possibility that the dentists instruments hadnt been 'clean' and maybe he had given me something 'extra'. I thought this to be unlikely. A few months later i see the word(s) mercury poisoning mentioned in a book about food intolerance. I looked it up on the net and started reading about other peoples experiences with this - and well it was pretty obvious to me. All the symptoms i had registered and a dozen more i hadnt paid attention too. And then all hell broke loose.

That my situation has remained unchanged for so long is also partly my own fault. For long periods of time - months at a time - i have just given up on this. Given up on ever finding a solution. Been lying around on my bed listening to music and just been bitter about my experiences with the danish psychiatric system. Bitter that ive constantly had to defend myself while being sick. In february i desperately started trying to find a solution again. I got in contact with a dentist who does use both precautions and sedation. And now i hope that this is the solution. There is only 1 dentist here who follows all Huggins guidelines and he doesnt use full sedation.

However i also do feel lucky that ive even discovered what my problem is. Its horrible to think about the number of Crohns, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia etc. etc. etc. patients out there who are unaware of what could very likely have caused their situation.

About having the teeth pulled out. I would prefer this too. Last thursday i went to talk to this dentist in person for the first time. The first time ive been going anywhere in more than a year. She took x-rays and apparently i have around 6 (!) new cavities. So, after i have my mercury removed and find out if im tolerant to the new plastic product or not, i will have to have around 6 more placed. Not good at all. I havent been brushing my teeth much - due to the worsening in my day-to-day situation - and i guess i havent gotten away with it. I would prefer dentures and have been looking into titanium implants. Just seems unrealistic to me.

I do hope you find a way of paying for this. And very soon. When will your mother get her retirement fund? Wouldnt taking out a loan be possible at all?

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