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Re: PLEASE Help with Replacement Decision.

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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: PLEASE Help with Replacement Decision.

Sorry 3 years, we posted at the same time. I missed your post.

Sounds like you really have it bad. My advice to you is not to *%#&§?ß* against the wind. Find a dentist that is educated and deal with them. You are not going to be able to educate any dentist or doctor, that just isn't going to happen ;)

Doctors don't think own their own. That is how you get into med school. You can't be a rebel. You got to do what your told, be able and willing to memorize and regurgitate everything word for word. if you can do that, you can be a doctor. The free thinking wise men are filtered out early. They become the scientists and researches. In the very industry is controlled top down. Who can enter, compete, talk and how they can talk, to whom, what and how they should conduct business, and who to pay how much. Its kind of like communism.

Anyway, I didn't find vitamins to help with energy. But they did help with memory. The best thing I found for energy, believe it or not...and maybe I wasn't imagining it since someone else posted about this though no one answered him, is a method of breathing.

Do this little test for 3 days. I say 3 days because it is too much work to do every day. I can't bring myself to do it every day. I did for 3 days, felt better after the 3rd day than I did for years. It is really a HUGE change. But its just too much to continue it until the Amalgams are removed. The basic purpose is to get an idea of the difference of not having mercury in your teeth. A very rough approximation. Anyway I want to replicate my results to see if there is something to it. So please tell me how it went.


Materials Needed.

1) bottle of 500MG vit C. No preservatives , additives, no coloring. Hopefully not Jameson or Swiss. Try to get something from a small company.

2) another bottle of 500mg vit Ester-C. make sure its diff brand.
No preservatives , additives, no coloring or yeast.

3)bottle of L-methionine 100mg. No preservatives , additives, no coloring or yeast.

4) bottle of vit e 500mg. No preservatives, additives, no coloring or yeast.

5) get good filtered water. Really do you best to find something with no Fluoride, Fluorine or Chlorine. Reverse osmosis or something like that. Taste it to make sure it doesn't have an after taste. if it does try another brand. When you find something good buy a case of 24.

6) a carbon water filter. They are very cheap. Brita is what I use. Doesn't work great but it does work.

7) a non fluorinated tooth paste.

Precautions to be taken.

1) Nothing hot!! Everything you eat must be cold. Mercury is a metal that is liquid at room temperature! Hot accelerate the release of mercury.

2) You must not let any food touch your amalgams. This means no chewing with your molars! When you chew your food, chew slowly take your time and chew with your front teeth only. nice and slow.

3) You must not brush your amalgams! When you brush in the morning, brush your teeth and your tongue. But do not rub the amalgams. Following the brushing, rinse your mouth 20 times with water to make sure your Amalgams are cooled down, and to wash out any diluted mercury in your mouth.

4) the breathing technique. This is crucial. This also the main reason why you can't do this test for more than 3 days. you'll go nuts ;) bet it does work. Take note, it does sound really silly. But again it does work. I didn't tell my dentist I did this he'd think I am mental but it worked. Breathe in your nose ONLY! Exhale through your mouth. Try to make sure that you do this all day. yes you will have to concentrate. This is a lot of work. You'll have problems falling asleep using this technique. Just do it until you fall asleep. You can't help what happens after. But do it from marring to the point were you fall asleep.

5) throughout the day, when you feel saliva accumulate in your mouth spit it out. Have an empty Kleenex or tissue box handy. Nasty and silly...yes ;)

6) every hour or two, go to the bathroom and rinse your mouth 20 times with cool water. Not cold, just cool.

7) Make sure you drink 2 to 3 liters of that water you bought each day. Spread it out throughout the day in schedule that you like. Make sure you filter that good water you bought with the Brita filter. Yes this is extra but you never know what you really bought. Most likely its just tap water. In that case it can have tin, nickel, copper, arsenic, aluminum...etc. In marketing collectively called minerals. In reality....

8) take 2grams (4 pills) of vit C, 2 grams of vit Ester C (4 pills), and 2 l-methionine pills each day of the 3 day test.

The Test.

Note. between each step, drink your allotment of the prescribed amount of water, make sure you drink at the end of the day 2 to 3L. Do the BREATHING!!! Rinse your mouth once in while with water and spit when you need to. This is the real important part. The rest is just repeating what I did in case it was a combo of things.

1) every morning get up. Take a shower and brush your teeth using the non fluorinated toothpaste. Cleaning your mouth is essential. Rinse it afterward thoroughly with cool tap water. if your water stinks, use the bottled water. This can be to expensive, so you may want to buy a second carbon filter for $20 and use that to filter water for this stuff and cooking. Rinse your mouth 20 times. Start breathing.

2) Take your Vitc, Ester C, Vit e, and L-methionine pills.

3) have breakfast. Cook some egg in water. eat only the egg whites. have some high fiber natural bread with that. and drink one or two bottles of your clean water.

4) A few hours later take vitc, ester c, vit e again.

5) Have lunch. Try to await acids that may bother the amalgam. Have chicken breast or egg whites again. make sure you eat lots of that bread. Water! ;) Each cheese if you like it. Have ONIONS! the sulphur will help get out the mercury in the blood. Try that cilantro recipe. go easy on the amount of cilantro. take very little or none. I didn't use it and I want to keep the test scientific. Rinse your mouth 20 times.

5e) have a nice walk if you can. Nice fresh polluted air, as opposed to old stale polluted air in your apartment is good for you. ;) take your bottle of water with you!

6) take your pills again. vitc, esterC, vitE. Water! Breathe!

7) Have dinner. Make some broccoli with GARLIC (the sulphur). Bur some sour cream on it. bake potato. have chicken meat. Do not eat FISH!! Do not eat NUT! try to stick to the foods I ate. its only 3 days. Rinse your mouth 20 times.

8) have you pills again. VitC, EsterC, VitE, L-methionine. Water!

9) Rinse your mouth. Go to bead and relax if possible. breathe.

that's it. The key is the water, the breathing, and the spiting. if you don't do these things I am sure the vitamins won't help you. Since I stopped the breathing and the water, the things are back to the usual. Also keep this to yourself. People will think you are crazy. It's just a test to see how your body would be after the removal.

Let me know how it went.

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