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Re: Steps: Injectable Ivermectin
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Steps: Injectable Ivermectin

Steps anti-histamines supress the immune response specific to killing worms as i said earlier.

Wheretheresawill did you read the links? what do you think? i have to say it would be very depressing to have treatments that worked only within a certain radius on the body. when administered correctly the subq Ivermectin should have a SYSTEM WIDE EFFECT killing all susceptible organisms with high efficacy. It excites me that you have most of the necessery materials for the protocol i would like to hear back from you.

Steps it is getting more and more obvous you have a serious multi-helminth infection and that the medical system has criminally shunned you. Research some of the anti-pathogen treatments i listed at the bottom of my first post im sure they will help you. Remeber Google is your friend :) You have to take this seriously no one is going to help you but yourself keep taking vitamins. Forget about the doctors they will wake up in a few decades...
And like i said before the paralytic ileus is caused by the worms paralyzing nerves and pathogens causing gastrointestinal inflammation and since you need supplements to cure these offenders but the supplements cant be absorbed orally you will have to use another route of administration aka INJECTION! Once you have at least partially cured yourself of malabsorbtion then you can take orally some other things that dont have injectable formulations.

Endersgame like i said above subcutaneous Ivermectin injection administered properly should have SYSTEM WIDE EFFECT, so you will NOT need to worry about sticking a needle up your nose =0
also do not be scared by Science words Science is really the simplest form of things. filarial form is just a fancy word for adolescent and eggs is infant and mature is adult. or you can say L1 L2 L3 and L4 some worms only have L1 - L3. all it means is that they grow and get bigger and older and as they do they get differnt names and do differnt stuff. I BELEIVE MOST PEOPLE WITH SEVERE WORM DISEASE LIKE US HAVE MALABSORBTION. THAT IS WHY ORAL DRUGS WHICH SHOULD WORK SYSTEMICALLY AND VERY EFFECTIVLEY DO NOT.

Steps many supplements will not work until malabsorbtion is cured. your doctor is right on knowing that the ELISA is the only reliable test. you obvoiusly need other drugs than Ivermectin because you seem to have trematodes(fluke) and maybe cestodes(tapeworm) as well. these may have to cababillity of inducing malabsorbtion too. i hope there are injectable forumlas for these other drugs and i will try to help you but you need to do some research on your own.
2.5 ml on what percentage of ivermectin? other than that you seem to be on the right track. good going.
yes steps in fact most disease is asymptomatic becasue we are all diseased to some extent but remeber doctors really dont know shit they are government zombies. disease of all types is rising in percentage to the population there needs to be a change. i think malabsorbtion has been completley overlooked in both critical medicine and mulivitamins and other supplements.

Another thing to remeber: Ivermectin is relatively NON-TOXIC dont be afraid to use it. Just dont accidentally take 3 times as much as you were supposed too. that can be said for albendazole and some other antihelminthics as well.

All the above: i have been watching your guys' posts over some periods of time(not creepy) i am glad that i may be able to help people with similar condition as mine. i am fascinated by the unique manifistation of each of our conditions. i believe MANY people suffer from malabsorbtion and are on this semi-useless cycle of oral adminstration and continued suffering. We will get all this sorted out and will see the true power of full absorbtion. i have high levels of confidence for this idea. maybe im wrong. we will see.

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